Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Marissa Dauria, Middle School Principal

"Throughout my career in education, I’ve been fortunate to gain a wide range of experiences from teaching physical education to designing staff-led professional development days for high school teachers. These experiences have allowed me to grow as an individual and as a professional. No matter what role I have served in, the Why behind my work has remained the same – “To inspire and challenge students and staff so that they can become the best versions of themselves”.

I am passionate about working with students to help guide them to overcome life challenges, building a positive and respectful environment, and creating a solid foundation for students to grow as individuals. I value building leadership capacity in both staff and students, and creating an environment where all members of the school community have a shared sense of belonging. I value creating new and unique experiences for our students, and creating an environment that draws staff and students into our Panther community. I value our diversity and encourage a collaborative environment which enriches the minds, hearts, and bodies of our students and staff.
Middle School is a formative point in a student’s life and will shape how that student views and values the role of education in their life. Sweet Home Middle will be current with educational practices but also carry with us the Panther Pride and traditions that sets us apart from other districts.  All Panthers, All in."