• Sweet Home Central School District Business Office

    Donald Feldmann, Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Plant Services, dfeldmann@sweethomeschools.org
    Ariel Carlino, Business Office Senior Clerk Typist, acarlino@sweethomeschools.org

    Attention Bidders:

    Bid notice must be used as cover page for bid.  All BID DOCUMENT signature pages must be signed and returned with the sealed bid.

    Current Bid Openings:

    BID NOTICE #2024-25-9: Milk Bid

    BID NOTICE #2024-25-9: Milk Bid Spec Sheet



    Bidding Process

    All public bids for commodities and services are advertised in the legal notices of the Amherst Bee and posted on this website. Bidders are responsible for printing their own bid documents.
    All bids must be received in a sealed envelope by the due date and time specified on the bid. The envelope must be labeled with the bid name, bid number and due date. Bidders are welcome to attend bid openings.
    New bidders will be subject to a vendor analysis and may be required to submit information on ownership, company history, financials and least three references during the bid tabulation process.
    All bidders will receive bid tabulations once the analysis is complete. Award recommendations are submitted to the Board of Education for approval on a monthly basis.

    Bidding Thresholds

    Materials, Equipment and Supplies - General Municipal Law 103 and District Policy require formal sealed bids for purchases of $20,000 or more for any single item or commodity group (similar items).
    Contracts for Public Works - General Municipal Law 103 and District Policy require formal sealed bids for purchases of $35,000 or more for all repair or contract obligations that involve goods and services in a single project. An architectural firm will perform the bid process for any public works projects greater that $35,000.

    Request for Proposal Process

    The Business Office periodically issues Requests for Proposals for professional services. Specifications for RFP's will also be posted on the website.  

    New York State Contracts

    The District also accesses over 125 New York State contracts for various equipment, supplies and services.