• ELL (English Language Learners)Registration

    ELL(متعلمي اللغة 
    الإنجليزية) التسجيل
    Реєстрація на ELL (англ. Language Learners).

    If you are in need of a translator to assist with registration, please email our office: registration@sweethomeschools.org or call us at (716) 250-1600.

    If your student currently receives ELL services in another school district, please make sure you notify our staff at the time of registration.  If you are not sure or if your child does not receive ELL services and your family speaks a language other than English in your home, your child will be interviewed to determine the need for ENL services. Please note that currently our ENL program for grades K-5 is located at Maplemere, Willow Ridge and Heritage Heights Elementary. Students living in the Glendale attendance area that require ENL services will attend Heritage Heights