What is Big Picture?

  • Ready Academy is committed to the development of an innovative and personalized school that draws upon our community to help our students learn and grow academically, socially and ethically. We put a slightly different spin on the familiar adage: “It takes a village to teach a child.” We believe wholeheartedly in this concept.

    Ready Academy allows students to pursue their passions and provides an environment that supports independent thinking. We will graduate curious learners who have developed a plan for personal growth based on real world experiences.

    Student holds up a small wooden shield, which he made in class.

    Ready Academy is driven by its vision to be a college preparatory school for all students. We strive to be viewed and utilized as a resource in our community. We continue to develop positive interactions with surrounding communities as we break educational norms. We are in constant pursuit of improvement and our progress is student driven. Students will always be at the center of learning and we commit to honoring ONE STUDENT AT A TIME!

    Big Picture and New York State: Students attending the Ready Academy will graduate with a New York State Regents diploma. Ready Academy students are required to earn an equal number of credits and take the same Regents exams as students in a traditional school setting. The difference is how the students earn the credits. Students create individual learning plans based upon their interests and passions. The student and their advisor link the goals with the New York State learning standards and performance indicators. Students are then required to have proof of their learning of these standards. An additional requirement for graduation is acceptance into at least one college or university.

    What happens at Ready Academy?

    • Our staff has a strong and deep personal connection with each of our students.
    • Students develop a sense of trust with the adults in our school.
    • We focus on and practice performance and moral character in staff and students.
    • We have a flexible schedule that allows us to be responsive to the needs of our students, parents and staff.
    • Our students strive to spend two days a week in the Real World working alongside a professional mentor in the workplace.
    • Our students publicly present their learning up to four times a year.
    • 21st century skills are practiced daily.
    • Independence is required.
    • Leadership skills are developed and utilized by both students and staff.
    • Staff, students and parents are passionate about and dedicated to our school.