• The New York State Education Department (NYSED) Athletic Placement Process (APP) permits physically and emotionally appropriate 7th and 8th students to be considered for JV or Varsity competition.  The APP includes a comprehensive review of your child's emotional and physical maturity, as well as athletic abilities, physical fitness, and sport specific skill in the relationship to other student athletes at that level.

    Below is the process and forms for the student/athlete to be considered for the APP.  Click on the forms below for further information.

    • Step One: Coaches Recommendation:  A Sweet Home Coach provides a written recommendation to the Athletic Director, for the student-athletes to proceed with the APP.
    • Step Two: Coach and Athletic Director Review: The coach and Athletic Director will review the player recommendation.  The Athletic Director will make a determination based on each individual athlete.
    • Step Three: Parent Permission Form: After an approval by the Athletic Director, a permission form must be completed and filed through the Athletic Office. 

    APP Parent and Letter Rubric Forms

    Parents should be aware the APP is designed for only elite student/athletes.   Apart from the application process, coaches are first asked to substantiate the child's exceptional status.  Even if students are approved to try-out for JV and Varsity teams, they must be a starter and/or play a majority of the game time in order to remain on the JV or Varsity team.

    Parents and / or the student-athlete are asked to return the completed Parent Permission Form to the Athletic Office at the Sweet Home High School.  The Athletic Director will then review the application and a phone call will be made to the parents/guardians explaining the next steps for the Athletic Placement Process.