COVID-19 Testing Resources

  • Pediatric Urgent Care on Maple Road:  636-5437.  If your child’s doctor sends them a script for a covid test, there will be no charge.  Otherwise, it will be whatever your health insurance copay is.

    Erie County Health Dept:  858-2929.  Tell them your child has been sent home from school and they will get you in for a test.  They may have rapid testing available.  Tests are by appointment only and are free, but their locations are all over the county so you have to call to find out where they are.

    NYS Dept of Health:  1-888-364-3065.  Tests are by appointment only and are free.  You can get a same day appointment and results in about 48 hours on their patient portal.  It’s downtown by the arena but easy to get to, about 15 minutes from HS.

    Jericho Road offers walk in testing at their Broadway and Barton Street health centers.  Call 716-881-6191 or visit for more info and hours.

    Local Urgent Care clinics also offer testing.  It’s best to call first to be sure that there won’t be a charge.