New York State Sex Offender Information

  • Pursuant to Article 6-C of the New York State Correction Law, the Sweet Home Central School District along with other municipalities and school districts are notified by local police agencies when there is a registered sex offender living in our area. Police departments release information on Level Three (high risk), Level Two (moderate risk), and Level One (low risk) sex offenders. The exact address of Level One offenders is not provided, but an area is revealed based on a zip code.
    When this happens, you can be assured that the school district takes all the necessary precautions to keep our children safe. In addition to notifying school employees and the general public, we also brief staff members responsible for after school activities. We encourage you to talk with your children about being safe and how to make smart decisions to protect themselves.
    For general information concerning the New York State Sex Offender Registry or the New York State Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA) you can find helpful explanations, statistics, FAQ's and a searchable Subdirectory of Levels 3 and 2 Sex Offenders at
    In addition, both the Town of Amherst and the Town of Tonawanda have web pages where you can search for sex offenders residing within town limits.  Please click here to access the Town of Amherst Police Department sex offender web page and the Town of Tonawanda sex offender web page.
    Questions regarding sex offenders residing in the Town of Tonawanda may be directed to the Town of Tonawanda Police Department at 879-6651, while questions regarding sex offenders residing in the Town of Amherst may be directed to the Town of Amherst Police Department at 689-1322.