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    Welcome to Sweet Home Community Education
    Contact Information
    Mrs. Lyn Custodi
    (716) 250-1424


    Mr. Donald Feldmann
    Coordinator of Community Relations
    (716) 250-1424


    We welcome our community to be as much a part of our schools as our students. Here you will find all courses currently being offered in the community education program and the application form necessary to register. You may also call the Community Education Office at 250-1424.


    On-Line Learning
    Learn on the Internet from your computer at home…www.ed2go.com/sweethome


    Sweet Home Community Education is pleased to offer the following online courses. All fees are payable with registration. Course instructions will be sent prior to the start date by mail or e-mail, along with schedule and orientation information.


    Call 250-1424 for information and prerequisites, or check out the on-line website at:www.ed2go.com/sweethome to find out more about each class, specific lessons and an instructor biography.


    These programs are instructor monitored online classrooms that you can access from your home computer. A complete orientation is provided on-line, so you can practice accessing the lessons prior to the beginning of your program. Two lessons per week are put on the website for a period of six weeks. Many courses come with links to online resources so you can further explore your chosen topic, and discussion/chat opportunities are available to interact with other participants and the instructor.


    Class Ideas
    Community Education is always looking for new class ideas. If you have an idea for a class, email lcustodi@sweethomeschools.org or call Community Education at 250-1424.