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    Please remember to support, join and participate in your PTA.  Send in your membership and come to a meeting.  We are always looking for fresh faces and ideas.  We want to make your child's experience here at Glendale a great one, and for that to happen, we want and need your input.  

    2019-2020 PTA Meeting Dates

    All meetings are held in the Glendale Library.

    Wednesday, 9/11/19            6:30pm

    Wednesday, 10/9/19            6:30pm

    Wednesday, 11/13/19          6:30pm

    Wednesday, 12/11/19          6:30pm

    Wednesday, 1/8/20            6:30pm

    Wednesday, 2/12/20            6:30pm

    Wednesday, 3/11/20           6:30pm

    Wednesday, 4/22/20            6:30pm

    Wednesday, 5/27/20            6:00pm (Elections for 2020-2021)


    PTA Officers and Contact Information

     Program Schedule for 2019-2020:

     Ever wonder what we do with the money we raise? Here are a few ways the PTA gives back to the students. 

     Bluman News Daily Award:

    Mrs. Kelly Bluman was a teacher at Glendale who died of Breast Cancer.  In her honor each year, one 5th Grade Student, showing outstanding all around character, is given the Bluman News Daily Award.     

    Special Persons Luncheon: 

    This luncheon takes place in May.  Each student invites a family member, friend or neighbor for lunch.  Pre registration is a must.  Details will follow closer to the event.  


    Glendale PTA provides yearbooks for each and every student FREE of charge.

    Family fun nights:

    Winter Extravaganza, End of the Year celebration, Swim Night, and the Variety Show are some of the events your PTA organizes.


    Don't forget to drop off your textiles in the bin near the parking lot.  Glendale receives money for every pound collected.