• The Human Growth Unit is taught to 6th grade students in Health class.

    Students are split into gender specific groups for this unit:


    Instructional Video

    Students will watch an instructional video called “Talking Real about Puberty.” The video discusses puberty changes in both boys and girls. It emphasizes that the changes take place in everyone at different times and progress at different rates. The video uses diagrams to show when the changes occur and how they may appear differently in everyone. The video also interviews several boys and girls to see what they know about puberty and how their experience is going.

    The video also discusses how a female becomes pregnant. It explains fertilization of the sperm and egg and shows through a pictorial diagram how it implants in the uterus.

    Parents can view the video at the Middle School. Please contact the Main Office at 250-1450 if you are interested in viewing the video.

Girls Materials

Boys Materials