Teaching and Learning

  • The Sweet Home School District Office of Teaching and Learning supports District staff and programs in curriculum development, implementation, and student assessment.  We strive to coordinate district-wide curriculum and instructional efforts to help each student achieve success in school and beyond.  

    While supporting our district’s mission, we work to ensure our curriculum is correlated with the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards as well as provided professional development to achieve district and building improvement goals.

    District improvement strategies continue to focus on the following areas:

    • Foster a safe, respectful, collaborative academic learning community among all students as well as parents, staff and other school community members.

    • Revise the local K-12 curricula (curriculum and assessment) to meet the rigor of Next Generation Learning Standards and/ or National Learning standards.

    • Build the capacity of teachers to utilize a focused set of best professional practices promoting higher levels of student learning.

    • Revise and implement data analysis cycles/ protocols of state and local assessment data to identify trends in student performance and make instructional adjustments.

    • Implement the meaningful integration of technology to deepen student engagement and personalize the learning experience.

    • Increase equity, opportunity and supports for students to participate in enriched or accelerated programming.

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