Technology Department

  • students on iPadsRecognizing that we are living in a rapidly changing, advanced technological society, it is our responsibility to support all staff & help prepare all students with the technology skills necessary to be a successful, life-long learner.
    • Each student must be competent in using information technology to be a successful, life-long learner.
    • Information technology should be incorporated broadly into curricula and instructional practices to improve the educational program for all students.
    • All school community learners, students, and staff should have access to information technology & support.
    • Setting Technology goals, monitoring, and evaluating our Technology plan on an ongoing basis is vital to its success.
    The department oversees and maintains nearly 4,000 computers and iPads and is responsible for numerous software installations and services. In addition they oversee the PowerSchool Parent Portal.
    Sweet Home Instructional Technology Plan 2022-2025
    Smart Schools Investment Plan 2020-21
    Sweet Home Coaching Support and Staff Technology Site

    Technology Integration Support

    Our technology coaches have also created a technology support website containing videos and other resources to help parents and students navigate remote learning at home.

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