• Sweet Home Central School District  
    The Sweet Home Central School District is a K-12 public school district located in the northern suburbs of Buffalo, in the towns of Amherst and Tonawanda in Western New York. Our offices are located in the high school at the intersection of Sweet Home and Skinnersville Roads.


               Sweet Home Central Schools
    1901 Sweet Home Road
    Amherst, NY 14228
    (716) 250-1400
    Open 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.




    The district consists of four elementary schools, one middle school and one high school — each with its own unique identity. Their students have the same high standards and enthusiasm in common.
    At Sweet Home, we teach students human values like respect, responsibility, honesty and concern for others. All of this is encompassed in the district's values education program. Our staff, from the teachers to the bus drivers, strive to ensure Sweet Home helps each child to realize their unique potential.


    Striving for Excellence
    At Sweet Home, we teach students to be productive citizens, while preparing them for success in those endeavors. Whether they plan to continue their education or enter the workforce, students will leave Sweet Home knowing how reading, writing, math, science, language, social studies, music and art all relate to their future.
    We strive to nurture the talents of every student and to help them overcome their challenges. We want them to be excited about learning, and we hope that they will learn to work cooperatively, as well as individually, to ensure a smooth transition into post-high school life. 
    Sweet Home is fortunate to have an outstanding faculty. The enthusiasm, knowledge and general concern for students gives children a distinct advantage, both academically and socially. The qualifications of Sweet Home teachers far exceed most other schools in the nation. The district provides constant support and continued encouragement of staff development through seminars and in-service programs.


    District Statistics
    School budget: $89,351,588
    Dimensions: 6.5 miles long, 3.5 miles wide      
    Total dwelling units: 14,923    
    Enrollment: Approximately 3,350 K-12    
    Elementary, grades K-5: 1450
    Middle School, grades 6-8: 725
    High School, grades 9-12: 1175
    Community Education participation: 7,250        
    No. of teaching positions: 325  
    No. of full and part-time employees: 685   

    District Map