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  • 2021-22 Remote Learning

    As we continue to slowly emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sweet Home School District has made a commitment to our community to open all schools for students for full days of in-person instruction each week. There are two points of information that we would like to share with families regarding the 2021-22 school year.

    At this time, we are not planning to offer a remote option for students for 2021-22.  However, we recognize that some medically/ immunocompromised students may need a remote learning option due to unique medical conditions.  In preparing for this possibility, we are partnering with Erie 1 BOCES to provide this remote learning to our students.  Students enrolled in this remote school setting would be taught by BOCES’ teachers with other students from the area who also require this special accommodation.

    Participation in the BOCES Remote Learning Option would require the creation of a Section 504 plan under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  If your child has been diagnosed by a doctor as having a compromised immune system, and that doctor believes that your child’s return to a regular school setting poses a danger due to that condition, please contact Mr. Chris Hershey, the District’s 504 Compliance Coordinator, at 250-1235 by August 30, 2021.  You will receive instructions on the process for completing such a plan for your child.  Please note that, as part of that process,  a written diagnosis of the condition, a doctor’s note, and contact information for that doctor will be required.



    Protecting Kids Online

    Because of the increasing need for students to work within a digital environment, all parents want to protect their children as they work online.  Please click these links for some practical tips and videos-  

    Every Parent's To-Do List to Protect Kids Online Every Parent's To-Do List to Protect Kids Online


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Online Resources

  • The links below provided additional web resources and activities to support learning at home during the 2020-21 school year. This site will not be maintained after June 30, 2021, but are available as a resource. 

    Links generally provide support to parents of children at the elementary level. Some relate to remote learning while others provide practice activities that reinforce important skills across various content areas. Parents are welcome to continue to explore the materials provided here though, especially in the event their child needs to be quarantined at home at some time during the school year. Note: some content may no longer be available.

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