Learning from Home

  • Sweet Home High School

    Sweet Home HS Newsletter- Includes bell schedule and attendance procedures for remote learning
    Sweet Home HS Course Information- This site organized by department provides a video description of courses offered to high school students.
    Note: The Sweet Home HS host virtual information session each Thursday afternoon at 4:00 pm. Zoom links will be sent to family prior to the meeting and update on the HS websites home page each week.
    Click the link below for specific guidance for our remote learning model.

    Elementary Remote Academy

    Please click the link below to access Sweet Home's Elementary Remote Academy website.

    Elementary Remote Academy

    Virtual Learning Centers

    The Live Well Erie cares Act Child Care Fund is working with area organizations like Say Yes, BOCES, and the YMCA to open Virtual Support Learning Centers (VSLCs). These are for school aged-children whose district has opted for a hybrid model. VSLCs provide a safe and healthy supervised environment for children while allowing them to engage in the virtual learning their district requires. VSLCs are free for parents earning 85% of the State Median Income. Interested families should reach out to the provider of their choice to discuss enrollment. Click this link for more information-  https://wnychildren.org/parent-resources


    Protecting Kids Online

    Because of the increasing need for students to work within a digital environment, all parents want to protect their children as they work online.  Please click these links for some practical tips and videos-  

    Every Parent's To-Do List to Protect Kids Online Every Parent's To-Do List to Protect Kids Online


  • Technical Support at Home- "The First Place to Come if You Need Help"

  • What can I do if I don't have Internet access at home?

  • Learning at Home from Television- PBS Live Broadcasting

Online Resources

  • The links below provide additional web resources and activities to support learning at home with an emphasis to provide support to parents of children at the elementary level. Some relate to remote learning while others provide practice activities that reinforce important skills across various content areas. We encourage students and parents to explore the materials we’ve provided here:

  • General Resources

  • Reading

  • Math

  • Science

  • Social Studies

  • Physical Education

  • Art

  • Music