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Click to donate to Dollars for Scholars Phone-A-Thon Scholarship Fund

March 2024

Dear Friend of Sweet Home,

Thank you for your pledge to the Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Foundation during its 32nd Annual Phone-a-thon.  Your contribution will go directly to graduating Sweet Home students, both this year and in years to come.  Last year, Dollars for Scholars awarded $22,000 in scholarships earned from money received through fund raising events such as the Phone-a-thon.

Your tax deductible donation will help provide support and encouragement for college to Sweet Home graduates at all academic levels.  More and more colleges and universities are matching the grants given by Sweet Home Dollars for Scholars, thereby providing students with even more money for higher education.

Here is what some previous recipients said of their Dollars for Scholars awards:

“I was amazed at the cost of college.  My Dollars for Scholars scholarship will go a long way in helping me realize my dreams.”

"Thank you for my scholarship and I commend the Sweet Home community for its commitment to the graduates.”

“I hope the program (Dollars for Scholars) will continue in the future, so that other students will have a chance at the opportunity I received.”


On behalf of all Sweet Home students, thank you for your support.  We are confident that together we can help our students attain their highest goals.